Who we serveWith changes in policy, regulation, and costs routinely effecting Commercial, Federal Government (including the Department of Defense), and State/Local Government sectors, it is critical that organizations not only remain cognizant of these changes but also determine how it can impact operations both today and into the future.

ReMilNet’s extensive knowledge of trends, best practices, and regulation changes within Financial Management, IT, Logistics, and Organizational & Process Improvement allows us to seamlessly apply non-proprietary information and lessons learned to further improve operational effectiveness, and also mitigate potential issues before they arise.  Additionally, ReMilNet’s team includes experts who have the highest credentials in their respective fields, and our staff is encouraged to think outside the box and be thought leaders so they can deliver customers innovative and cost effective solutions to meet your most complex challenge.

ReMilNet promotes collaboration and teamwork with all of our personnel, regardless of background.  As a result, ReMilNet has been able to leverage successes between customers and seamlessly implement solutions for improved productivity.  Examples of this cooperation include sharing Internal Control Best Practices across Federal, State, Local, and Commercial financial management professionals, coordinated cross-agency teaming with respect to access to systems and applications for improved reporting, and promoting open dialogue between customers for additional insight and application of technologies for improved performance.

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